John Fedchock releases “REMINISCENCE”

REMINISCENCE, the newest CD by JOHN FEDCHOCK, will surely enhance his already stellar reputation as a trombone master. The CD is a follow-up to his 2015 release Fluidity. Fedchock culled tunes for both CDs from a live show he performed over three nights with his quartet.

Although he’s garnered many accolades and awards for his larger ensembles, playing in a small club with just his quartet gives Fedchock and the band opportunities to stretch out and take chances. Fedchock has always maintained a heavy touring schedule, and he assembled the band for this CD using first-class sidemen he has worked with extensively over the years.

Fedchock’s tone is warm and perfectly articulated. He eschews mere pyrotechnics for swinging lyricism. He updates standards with a 21st century feel through his solid, modern arrangements while still embracing the heritage and provenance of the music.

A sophisticated, sensitive trombonist, arranger, and composer, there are many exciting moments on REMINISCENCE, and the performances by all the musicians are outstanding. This CD is not merely a follow-up to Fluidity but a project that stands on its own. It is a superb example of the magic that great jazz artists can conjure when all the stars align.

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